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How to break the cycle of child poverty in Hong Kong, where one in five children are poor

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Children who grow up in low-income households tend to have less access to opportunities and therefore are more likely to remain poor in adulthood. The fact that poverty often crosses generational lines makes the problem much harder to tackle.

According to the Hong Kong Poverty Situation Report, there were some 180,000 children (aged below 18) living in poverty in 2015. The child poverty rate was 18 per cent, which meant that nearly every one in five children were living in poverty. Compared with other developed economies, the child poverty rate in Hong Kong is relatively high. It stands at 3.7 per cent in Denmark, 9.8 per cent in Britain, 15.1 per cent in Australia and 21.2 per cent in the US. Read More

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學童問題 除了教育政策外……

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近一年前的學童自殺悲劇,社會一片愁雲。針對諸等事件,政府成立了防止學生自殺委員會,檢討學童自殺的成因。坊間意見除了譴責不負責任的教育局長外,大多將學童問題歸因於學校教師和社工支援、競爭性的教育制度和競爭性的社會環境等,尤其近年社會關注TSA(全港性系統評估)和學生壓力的問題,更傾向於此討論。 Read More

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‘Have You Laughed Yet Today?’ Laughter as Medicine

While some parts of the world don’t need a reminder to laugh, there are two spring days in Britain that invite people to find the humour in life. The first is Red Nose Day in March, a BBC covered media event by the charity Comic Relief, and the other is… Read More

‘What went well for you today?’ The benefits of gratitude

Gratitude is one of the most widely researched concepts within the study of well-being, and has been found to be a positive emotion that contributes to one’s emotional resilience and life satisfaction. It also plays a powerful role in strengthening interpersonal relationships.Why Gratitude?There is much in today’s world that can numb our… Read More

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